H2, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Daejeon

H2, Inc. is a secondary battery based ESS company covering extensive poH2, Inc.r rate from kW to MW class. By providing the most advanced and high performance ESS, H2 quests to be a respected energy company promoting the happiness and welfare of mankind. VANADIUM REDOX FLOW BATTERY - A promising large-scale secondary battery, H2 provides promising Redox flow batteries which are vastly expected to dominate the ESS market of high potential growth. By virtue of many advantages of Redox flow battery such as power/energy scalability, long cycle durability, cost effectiveness, low maintenance and environment friendliness, H2 ESS will lead the upcoming ESS market.



416 Migun-TechnoWorld 2, 533-1 Yongsan-dong, Yusung-gu
+8 (242) 934-3400

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