Eos Energy Storage

Manufacturer/Supplier in Edison, New Jersey

Named after Eos, the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, Eos Energy Storage aims to bring about a new dawn of energy storage—one that will transform the way we produce, deliver, and consume electricity. Eos’ mission is to develop cost effective energy storage solutions that are not only less expensive than other battery technologies, but less expensive than the most economical alternative used today to provide the same services – a gas turbine for peak power generation and transmission and distribution assets for delivery capacity. Eos views energy storage as a solution to real business problems, and is developing a battery technology that responds directly to the requirements of the business case at hand. The result is Eos’ novel, proprietary Znyth™ technology—the first low-cost, long-life, inherently safe, energy dense, and highly efficient aqueous battery. Founded in 2008 after the issuance of the patent for its core technology, Eos has grown to become a leader in the nascent and rapidly growing energy storage industry. Eos’ elite research and development team is led by management with decades of experience in battery technology and building successful energy companies. Eos has established a strong commercial platform, partnering with leading suppliers, manufacturers, and utilities to enhance and accelerate product development.



214 Fernwood Avenue, Building B
Edison, New Jersey
USA 8837
(732) 225-8400

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