Manufacturer/Supplier in Sunnyvale, California

EnerVault was founded in 2008 to develop safe, reliable, cost-effective grid-scale, long-duration energy storage systems. Long-duration energy storage systems are emerging as the lynchpin to efficient operations for resilient grids as aging conventional power plants are replaced by higher levels of solar and wind resources. EnerVault is working with customers on a range of applications: Grid operators will use EnerVault systems for congestion relief, grid stability and to defer transmission infrastructure investments. Renewable energy developers improve their system value by increasing power quality, time shifting energy deliver to high demand periods, and avoiding generation curtailment. Micro-grid operators reduce costs by maximizing renewable energy delivery and reducing fuel consumption. EnerVault’s grid-scale, long-duration energy storage technology is based on the company’s patented Engineered Cascade™ technology that transforms an inherently safe Redox Flow Battery chemistry into highly economic and reliable storage solutions. With a world-class team led by energy storage experts, the company has been recognized for its innovation by industry and investor groups.



1244 Reamwood Avenue
Sunnyvale, California
USA 94089
(408) 934-6840

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