Axion Power International, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in New Castle, Pennsylvania

We develop, design, manufacture and sell advanced energy storage components and devices based on our patented PbC Technology™. Our PbC® prototypes offer several key performance advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries including: excellent partial state-of-charge performance; significantly longer life in string applications with minimal battery management; dramatically better charge acceptance (10 - 20 times depending on use of the battery); significantly faster recharge rates; significantly longer cycle lives in deep discharge applications; reduced premature failures and warranty claims; more environmentally friendly ... significantly less lead. Our operations are conducted by our subsidiary, Axion Power Battery Manufacturing, Incorporated, at our battery plant located in New Castle, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Axion Power International, Inc. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


3601 Clover Lane
New Castle, Pennsylvania
USA 16105
(724) 654-9300

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