Aquion Energy

Manufacturer/Supplier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At Aquion, we are changing the way the world uses energy by delivering stationary energy storage systems that are high performance, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective. This unique combination of attributes delivers industry-leading value for our customers and can fundamentally change the economics of power generation, transmission and distribution. Flexible, Scalable Energy Storage: Aquion’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) battery systems are optimized for stationary, long duration daily cycling applications. This includes off-grid and microgrids, energy management, and grid-scale energy storage applications. Aquion’s battery systems provide flexible, modular energy storage that optimizes existing generation assets and enables broad adoption of renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar. Aquion’s economically compelling batteries can be assembled into systems ranging from kilowatt-hours to megawatt-hours.



32 39th Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
USA 15201
(412) 904-6400

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