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Distributor/Wholesaler in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

The Enerex Promise: Design and deliver exceptional nutritional supplements with the highest levels of efficacy while educating consumers about the benefits of natural alternatives over traditional medical drugs. Our mission is the same today as it was when we first opened our doors in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1997: create a distinctive class of Nutritional Supplements offering the highest level of efficacy without compromising any step in the creation process of our products. We are committed to sourcing the best raw materials, choosing the best process to maximize bioavailability, and delivering our product in safe and secure packaging that minimizes any negative impact on both the product and our future generations. We’re committed to setting the gold standard in the world of nutritional supplements, because you’re worth it. We start by choosing the best raw materials; ingredients that meet the full pharmaceutical standards for purity and potency. We only partner with companies that meet or exceed the standards of the international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), including strict quality control systems over each stage of the manufacturing process. As well, we require our manufacturers to utilize the most advanced technologies in the creation of our supplements while avoiding the use of heat or solvents that would denature the ingredients in our formulas. The final step in this process ensures our nutritional supplements are packed in the highest quality containers to protect the delicate ingredients from air, moisture, light, and chemical reaction from the container itself. Our commitment to you requires us to avoid low grade, cheap plastic containers, such as HDPE, polyethylene or polystyrene, and instead choose only PETE-based plastic packaging, to ensure the final product is as safe and potent as it was when it left the manufacturing plant. Enerex offers an extensive selection of nutritional supplements for your health and vitality. Products are regularly tested to ensure that you can trust them to be gluten free. For today’s demanding lifestyle, our innovative formulas blend traditional uses and the latest research to help support, balance, and rejuvenate within an active family.



Enerex Botanicals Ltd. 115-1750 Coast Meridian Road Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada, V3C 6R8
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
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