Catelli Foods Corporation

Manufacturer/Supplier in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Delicious taste Canadian families have loved since 1867. CATELLIĀ® first started making macaroni and vermicelli by hand in 1867 when an immigrant from Vedano, Italy -- Carlo Onorato Catelli, established Canada's first pasta plant on Saint-Paul Street in Old Montreal. Since then, the small operation has grown to include a full range of CATELLIĀ® pasta shapes and varieties suited to both traditional and contemporary recipes. Today the Italian tradition continues with CATELLIĀ® producing some of the world's best and most innovative pastas. 4 natural grain blend is made with the finest white and brown rice, corn and quinoa blended for a delicious taste and smooth texture that will surprise and delight your entire family. Catelli Gluten Free pasta is produced in a dedicated gluten free facility.


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P.O. Box 90340
Allentown, Pennsylvania
USA 18109
(888) 293-1333

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