NewTechBio, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier, Retailer in Howell, New Jersey

Newtechbio takes bioremediation to the next level! A major game-changer backed by more than 70 years manufacturer research and development, Newtechbio provides performance-enhancing septic system treatments, lake and pond chemicals, grease remediation products and other niche bacteria based technologies serving the residential and commercial client worldwide.

Starting with core operations focused on septic, drain field, cesspool and sand-mound treatments, Newtechbio’s expanding line of innovative products remain a global leader used in restoring permeation to leach fields, cesspits, drain fields and sand mounds.

NT-MAX products work faster and harder to promote accelerated results! From the initial launch of the companies NT-MAX™ septic treatment line, Newtechbio has expanded its services and offerings to include premium products formulated in state-of-the-art facilities utilizing scientifically selected, lab cultivated bacteria and enzymes.



4301 US Highway 9 North
Howell, New Jersey
USA 07731
(800) 509-0927

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