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What exactly is impacted earwax?

Earwax, often known as cerumen in the medical world, is a brown or yellowish substance secreted in the ear canal. It is a naturally occurring material that keeps dust, foreign particles, and bacteria out of the ears. It also protects the skin of the ear canal from moisture irritation and aids in cleaning and lubrication.

What factors contribute to impacted earwax?

Impacted earwax can occur as a physical blockage or when your glands are impacted when the earwax is pushed deep into the ear canal. This most commonly occurs when you wipe your ear with a cotton stick or rolled napkin, unwittingly pushing the excess ear wax further in.

In Singapore, how is impacted earwax diagnosed?

Impacted earwax is normally diagnosed by analyzing the symptoms and performing a physical examination using an otoscope to look into your ear for any wax buildup. Hearing tests may be ordered as well.

Treatment for impacted earwax in Singapore

You can handle the earwax buildup with home remedies or by consulting your healthcare physician.

To soften the earwax at home, try applying a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil, glycerin, or over-the-counter wax softening drops into the afflicted canal twice a day. Then, lie on one side to let the oil drain. That may be enough to remove the wax. The ear should next be gently flushed with warm water using a bulb-type syringe.

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