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People often come in to see me with a specific problem ---- retirement is coming up, life changing event, etc. Our first meeting is really geared for us getting to know each other. What is important to you? What's going on in your life? I often think that there's a puzzle for me to help you solve. Very few people have the money that enables them to meet all of their monetary goals. So we go through the possibilities and hopefully come up with a plan of action. My initial consultation with clients is without fee or obligation. Depending on suitability, we will figure out what is best for the client --- working on a fee basis, a commission basis, or a combination of the two. When people invest, they need to be cognizant of their feelings about risk. It's important to look at their risk profile and then see if their investments make sense based on that profile. We also explore how socially responsible investing fits into their world view and their investments. I have a background in income taxes, so I consider the tax consequences for any possible investments. I also have expertise in gay/lesbian issues as they relate to financial planning.


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