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As a Registered Investment Advisor with First Affirmative Financial Network, I specialize exclusively in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) and helping clients make sense of their financial picture. I focus on working with individuals, organizations and businesses in aligning their investment decisions with their values and mission statements. My practice involves comprehensive financial planning including investment advice, education funding, and values-based retirement and legacy planning. I am passionate about exploring money's role and impact on happiness, social equality, and environmental sustainability. How I Work With My Clients: The foundation of my practice and primary focus is strong and meaningful relationships based upon a clear understanding of my client's identity, leading to regular, clear communication about their financial objectives. Initially, I interview new clients to find out in depth information about their current financial status and interest in SRI. After this introduction, I generate a personalized Investment Policy Statement to guide our future investment decisions. As a fee-based planner, my compensation is derived as a percentage of the value of assets under management or as a dollar per hour charge for advice. This means that my advice is based on what I believe to be the best course of action and is not biased by pressure to sell certain investments or earn commissions for sales. I am committed to the work of using money to make a difference in the world. I can help unify the power of your money with the global and social vision that you have. The foundation of your SRI portfolio is your values and ethics and is customized individually to you. Your experience and outlook will determine how we invest your money.


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