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The origins of the firm began more than a decade ago when Andy Hill and Jennifer Figurelli began working together in the trust department of a regional bank. Prior to entering the trust industry, Jennifer began her professional career in the legal field, while Andy ran an independent investment firm in Naples, Florida which focused on value investing. From early in the professional partnership, Jennifer and Andy discovered that they shared the same work ethics and client service standards. Not long after first meeting, the discussions of forming a firm began. Over the next decade, Jennifer and Andy worked together as a team to assist their clients with wealth management, estate planning, trust administration, and investment management. The timing to launch AHIA in January 2010 was appropriate given the positive trends, such as improved financial market circumstances, the emerging demand for third party custodians, and larger investment firms outsourcing their services to remote call centers for clients with modest sized portfolios. Between the renewed interest in financial markets, and an increased demand for local professional service, investors have begun to consider new advisors. Many new independent investment advisors have left larger institutions to establish their own practices. This trend is being facilitated by discount brokerage firms, including Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Waterhouse, that offer safety and security in holding client accounts, providing clients with very low cost trading commissions, and providing advisors with industry leading portfolio management technology.


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