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Akendi is a customer research, user experience architecture, product innovation & strategy firm. We are passionate about the creation of intentional experiences whether those involve digital products, physical products, mobile, service or bricks-and-mortar interactions. We work shoulder-to-shoulder to optimize the experiences you deliver.

Specializing in usability consulting, usability testing, user experience design, service design, web design, corporate identity, corporate communications and product design.

With offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Canada, Cambridge, London, UK. We answer the most critical questions about your product: Is it usable? Is it useful? Is it engaging? Our unique Experience Thinking approach elevates your development process by recognizing users and stakeholders as meaningful contributors to the design cycle. The result: powerful insights and creative, evidence-based design solutions that meet real user and customer needs. We believe in community and collaboration.

Akendi works with you locally or globally to create the experience you intend for your clients, customers and users. We believe in investing in the community. Every year we give something back to the community by committing to a few select pro-bono engagements or sponsorships.


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203-30 Duncan Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V2C3
(416) 855-3367

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