Florida Surrogacy Center

Service Provider in Miami, Florida

It is our mission to make the surrogacy relationship as fulfilling as possible for both intended parents and surrogates; while taking care of details that would distract from the joy of the surrogacy.

We place the highest value on our clients, co-workers, and associates by pledging to treat everyone with respect, integrity, compassion, and sensitivity. We will maintain our availability and accessibility to those who desire our services. Our objective is to give the very best in client care and customer service and we truly believe that taking care of the smallest detail makes all the difference!

Our services are designed to assist Intended Parents with the complicated and sometimes frustrating process of finding a woman to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a family. Whether you are just starting your family or adding to it, we at Florida Surrogacy Center will match you with a surrogate who has similar goals and desires. 

Business Email :   info@floridasurrogacycenter.com

Website :  https://floridasurrogacycenter.com



1801 NE 123rd Street, #400
Miami, Florida
USA 33181
(786) 655-4355

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