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Home truly is where my family is! I was born in New Orleans, LA and grew up, in large part, in a small town along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Not being raised in one place all my life, home is not a house. Yet, the place a person lives is so much more than just 4 walls and a roof! It is my belief in the precious memories of life, that drives my passion to help people find the perfect place to live! I graduated college from the University of West Alabama where I majored in Political Science and Social Studies Education. After graduation I began what would become nearly a decade in the field of teaching high school Government, Economics, History and Sociology. During that time I was honored to receive numerous awards and recognitions for work done both inside and outside of the classroom for leadership, citizenship and civic education. I moved to Denver with my husband in 2003 and based on our mutual goal of aiding in the development of sustainable, energy efficient homes and communities, I left the structured classroom setting to help teach people in real life situations. With my background in teaching I believe I offer practical, applicable understanding to my clients in a volatile marketplace. I choose to work for Green Door Living because I believe that your money is best spent making memories, not on high energy costs that tap our finite resources. Any home, not just new homes, can be made to be more energy efficient, and therefore cost less to operate. It is my goal to help walk you through the buying and selling process with the added value of teaching you how to save money, and the environment, thus, enabling you to focus on what matters most in life your family and friends!


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