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My ambition is to help people live in a better world. Healthier, cleaner,more energy efficient housing. These changes will ultimately lower housing costs and create a better living atmosphere for all. At this time in our lives it's important for us personally and globally to care. Whether it's our planet or our pocketbook we care the most about, the time has come to explore new avenues. EcoBroker is here to help people begin to uncover a new process and freedom. What we want for the future begins today. What We Choose Today Affects Our Grandchildren For Decades. Meet Your EcoBroker®. For the past several years it became obvious that real estate would need to re-examine the building process.Times were changing rapidly, energy was becoming increasingly expensive and threats of shortages were rearing their ugly heads. Global warming was becoming a fact of life not just talk. People began thinking about what can be done to save the planet, cut energy costs and have happier lives. This is when I discovered EcoBroker International. I took the course, studied, took my exams and learned a lot about what we shouldnt do, whats available to us and what we need to do. I completed the course and received my designation. My hope is that I can help to direct people to healthier lives while protecting our planet.


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1022 North Winchester Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
USA 60622
(312) 543-5436

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