Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)

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AHAM is the single voice providing the home appliance industry and its customer?s leadership, advocacy and a forum for action ? developing and implementing credible solutions for public policy, standards and business decisions. More than 40 years ago, home appliance manufacturers perceived the value in organizing a trade association to serve their common needs and purposes. This strategic alliance brought together manufacturers of a number of different home appliances, whose industry efforts were fragmented in a number of trade organizations. The consensus in 1967, and reaffirmed several times thereafter, was that the common challenges of multi-product and single product home appliance manufacturers could best be served through a singularly focused trade organization. That focus was, and remains today ? to serve the shared interests of these manufacturers and their customers. The association?s mission is serving the home appliance industry while delivering value to consumers through leadership, education and advocacy. It is a testament to these companies, and particularly their leaders, that the organization continues to provide value despite the highly competitive nature of the industry. Since the 1960?s AHAM has encountered numerous challenges that have tested and made stronger the organization?s foundation. These challenges include technical issues, the need for accurate market data, the consumer movement, governmental focus on energy and environment, the need to understand a larger market, and of course technological challenges and opportunities. In these instances and others, AHAM members have accepted the challenges and delivered results benefiting the industry and its customers. The AHAM mission has been responsive to external developments but remains proactive in promoting the industry?s values. AHAM?s strategic plan for the 21st century builds on the solid foundation and relies on a culture of consensus to achieve its common strategic vision. Its format is intended to communicate this vision to the membership and the public and to align AHAM services to serve the good of the membership its constituencies.





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