FairWild Foundation

Service Provider in Cambridgeshire

Established in 2008, the FairWild Foundation promotes the sustainable use of wild-collected ingredients, with a fair deal for all those involved throughout the supply chain. We aim to provide a worldwide framework for implementing a sustainable, fair and value-added management and trading system for wild-collected natural ingredients and products thereof. We encourage sustainable and fair business practices and focus on influencing consumer choice. The FairWild Foundation promotes the FairWild Standard and certification system for the sustainable management and collection of wild plants.The FairWild Standard is also proving instrumental for the implementation of existing regulatory frameworks provided by National Resource Management Systems as well as by International Conventions such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Non-Detriment Findings Process of CITES.





219A Huntingdon Road,
Cambridgeshire CB3ODL
+440 (122) 327-7427

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