Service Provider in Metro Manila

GCSS Inc. — a management consulting and corporate training firm, established in 2017 with an aim to help organizations prepare their Sustainability/ESG strategies and disclosures for their stakeholders. We have been guiding companies throughout their sustainability journey – especially the ones who embark on this journey for the first time. Driven by our vision, we believe that “Being Sustainable” is the successful outcome that organizations attain through the implementation and alignment of several best practices/standards throughout the organization in different areas such as – Risk Management, Business Continuity, Environmental Management, People Development, Process Improvement and so on. Based on our experience, we firmly believe that the success of an organization is highly interdependent on the coherent functionality of these areas. This made us expand and redesign our service area into four pillars of organizational success – Sustainability, Resiliency, Productivity and Sociability. Our approach is simple – simplify things to make them easier to adapt, measure, and improve.



Unit 3A, 329 CSV Properties, Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong
Metro Manila
Philippines 1200
+63 (915) 904-4570

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