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The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) was born on February 3, 2016, on the initiative of the Unipolis Foundation and the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", to raise awareness in Italian society, economic subjects and institutions the importance of the Agenda for sustainable development and to mobilize it in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Alliance currently brings together over 290 of the most important institutions and networks of civil society, such as: - associations representing the social partners (business, trade union and Third Sector associations); - networks of civil society associations that concern specific objectives (health, economic well-being, education, work, quality of the environment, gender equality, etc.); - associations of local authorities; - universities and public and private research centers, and related networks; - associations of subjects active in the worlds of culture and information; - foundations and foundation networks; - Italian subjects belonging to international associations and networks active on sustainable development issues. Membership of the Alliance is open to all subjects who fall into these categories. For information on how to join the Alliance, click here. The activities of the Alliance are carried out thanks to the financial, instrumental and work contributions provided by its members. ASviS is part of the ESDN (European Sustainable Development Network), the informal network of institutional subjects, associations and experts which, since 2003, they deal with sustainable development policies and strategies. ASviS is also registered in the Transparency Register of the European Union, jointly managed by the Parliament and the EU Commission.



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