Kalen Larsen and Brandon Bridgewater

Service Provider in Pompano Beach, Florida

Sunergy is a Vertically Integrated Company. From the sales representatives to the install crew, we are all one company! Using subcontractors who work for other companies can be tough. Most of the time it causes delays, mistakes, and poor customer service. Stick with the company that handles everything from start to finish.
Sunergy has Superior Experience. We’ve been installing solar since before it was popular. Sunergy has been in business since 2005. We have licenses to install A/C units, roofs, and backup generators. We are in the business of energy efficiency, not just solar, which means we will be here to service your system for years to come. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Sunergy is Local to Fort Lauderdale. The most frustrating thing about solar is the timeline for installation. We are local and have good standing relationships with permit offices and counties to get your project installed in record time! Unlike our competitors, who have to wait 3-4 months for installation, our average time is nearly always 40 days or less!


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3240 North Andrews Avenue Ext
Pompano Beach, Florida
USA 33064
(727) 375-9375

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