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Many property owners are unfamiliar with the 1031 process and aren’t quite sure where to turn. 1031 exchanges are so niche that property owners often receive conflicting (or incorrect) advice/information from real estate agents, financial advisors, and even their CPA. To make matters worse, from our many years working in the 1031 industry, we’ve recognized that the 1031 space is quite fragmented – with no clear place to turn for help understanding the 1031 process as well as investment options. The combination of these factors often leaves property owners to their own devices and navigating this very foreign process by searching for answers online. In order for an exchangor to gain a complete picture of the process and all the investment options available, they would normally need to talk to a number of different firms in order to piece together a strategy. Even then, their understanding is often based on the biased or limited perspective of those providing the information.


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7396 Union Park Avenue
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