European Roasterie, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Le Center, Minnesota

Our customer service starts with our globe-trotting owner and coffee buyer Timothy Tulloch; a Scotsman who moved to the USA and started the European Roasterie in 1986 after years of coffee trading with the Schulter Group in Nairobi, Kenya. Timothy started the Roasterie with the vision of being unique in the coffee market by personally selecting coffees from plantations directly, thus ensuring workers and the environment are properly cared for. Since the humble beginning of the Roasterie on Timothy's farm in New Prague, Minnesota, ERI has grown to over 30 employees in a 50,000 square foot facility that currently produces 5 million pounds of fresh roasted, top grade coffee every year. Small tonnage in the big coffee game, but big weight in the quality coffee markets. Part of our rapid growth can be attributed to Timothy's wide understanding of coffee and where to purchase. He brings a cornucopia of coffee each year to the Roasterie including exotic Organics and lesser known but more flavorful Varietals. All of which is of great interest to coffeehouses who would like to be distinctive from larger franchised competition who cannot provide the same quality coffee at Full City Roast. Although the Roasterie offers a fine range of dark roasted coffees, its ability to provide high quality coffees with consistency enables roasting to lighter profiles to accent the nuances of every varietal coffee. Again this is of importance to those coffeehouses who want to distinguish their flavorful blends from the sometimes over-roasted, burnt servings typical in most franchised coffee stores today. We're Blue Ribbon Kosher. We proudly offer our own certified Organic, Fair Trade, Bird Friendly and Environmentally Friendly coffees to you. All of our coffees are hand-selected, micro-roasted European-style, and shipped-fresh daily. So discover what we can do for you by reviewing our extensive list of products on the left or learn all about how we can personalize our coffee for you through our private labeling service.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

European Roasterie, Inc. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


250 West Bradshaw Street
Le Center, Minnesota
USA 56057
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