Esé Azénabor

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As the saying goes, Nigerian born Canadian transplant Esé Azénabor got to Texas as fast as she could. Her arrival on the fashion scene, however, required a few additional detours. But we think you’ll agree her creations were well worth the wait.

Hailing from a family who considered fashion design more of a hobby than a career, young Esé had to sweep her creative urges under the rug. The Azénabor name was grounded in the fields of medicine, law, and engineering, and she, in turn, attended the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and majored in accounting. A move to Dallas followed, to pursue a Masters's Degree at Southern Methodist University. All the while, having designed handmade clothing since she was a little girl, Esé held to her mother’s belief in her talent for creating wearable art.

In 2011, after fulfilling her family’s dream, it was time to pursue her own. Without any assistance, the aspiring designer traded predictable college life for the wild world of fashion with the launch of her namesake Esé ready-to-wear line. At her sewing machine, she conceptualized her fascination for heavy hand beading, crocheted lace, and embroidery. Inspired by a combination of vintage, African, Egyptian, and contemporary European influences, she merged cultures to create this initial debut, the ambitious designer then ventured into even more luxurious territory with a signature collection bearing her full name.


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Dallas, Texas
USA 75207
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