Adventure Coffee Roasting

Manufacturer/Supplier in Tuscon, Arizona

In 2004, I fulfilled my dream by purchasing a 5lb San Franciscan coffee roaster. Although I was still working full-time in the software industry, I dedicated myself to roasting coffee each evening during the week and to hauling my roaster to a local Farmers Market every weekend. I mounted it on the bed of my pickup and roasted right there at the Market, drawing a crowd with the roasters striking image that of a scarlet-colored, miniature steam engine and the inviting aroma of fresh-roasted coffee. Beginning in 2006, I left my career in software and, joined by my son, Josh, we kicked into high-gear roasting seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day to fill demand from our growing business. Since those days at the Saturday morning Farmers Market, we have expanded our business significantly. We now visit up to seven Farmers Markets a week, still roasting on the San Franciscan, and have a growing relationship with various restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores around the Southwest. In April 2007, in order to meet growing demand, we opened a Roastery and installed a 25lb Diedrich roaster with the latest coffee roasting technology. At Adventure Coffee Roasting we believe strongly in supporting our partners in the coffee growing regions of the world by encouraging sustainable pesticide-free farming and by paying a greater price for there green coffee so they may earn a livable wage. We roast only certified organically grown coffee in small batches, assuring product freshness and consistency. And, when available as such, all of our beans are Fair Trade Certified as well.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Adventure Coffee Roasting has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


3731 South Kolb Road
Tuscon, Arizona
USA 85710
(520) 247-2651

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