35 North Coffee Company

Manufacturer/Supplier in Tullahoma, Tennessee

Raphaels Roastery has been providing fresh roasted gourmet coffee since 1995, offering a full range of single origin coffees, custom blends, and delicious flavored coffees. We are committed to making a positive impact in our world through the support of missionary causes and the use of Certified Fair Trade coffees under our 35 North Coffee Co. brand. We offer many single-origin coffees which carry their own distinct flavors from their growing regions. We offer custom blends which have been formulated over many years of testing that bring together coffees from different growing regions. These coffee beans, when combined, complement each other and provide unique taste experiences. And we offer a wide range of flavored coffees that have had our customers coming back for more for many years. Raphaels started as a wholesale coffee company serving coffee houses, gourmet food stores and others with award-winning specialty coffees and flavored coffees. For many years now, we have also offered these coffees directly to the consumer so that you can enjoy truly fresh coffee at your breakfast table or as a compliment to your favorite dessert. In 2011, Raphaels was purchased by M77 Management and is now operated under the direction of Mike Arnold, President of M77 Management, Inc. Our corporate name is a scripture reference to Matthew 7:7 (ask, seek, knock receive, find, opened). We are a Christ centered business and endevour to spread the love of Christ to the ends of the Earth.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

35 North Coffee Company has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


110 East Coffee Street
Tullahoma, Tennessee
USA 37388
(800) 428-7331

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