Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CSCMA)

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Today we gathered together to celebrate the traditional Chinese Festival-new year, also celebration-the Canadian society of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture of general election conducted smoothly, thank elected Board members, thank all candidates ,At the same time we must thanks Dr.Liu , and the Election Committee, as well as over more than 500 members participate actively in the Conference voting enthusiasm. Through this election, the Association will move toward unity and stability, different views can exchange, discussion and consultation, to the principle of majority, determine the future of CSCMA. We will To maintain the independence of the Association, to promote traditional Chinese medicine, to protect the interests of members, to increase unity within the Association, to create an academic atmosphere and improve industry standards through continuing education, and the continued promotion of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture on an international level. Working with other TCM and Acupuncture associations in other provinces, persuade federal government to cancel the HST.





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