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ePlusGreen has for many years been seen as the World Leader in Green software for consumers wanting to reduce their overall Carbon Footprint. We really are passionnate about reducing the energy wasted by todays modern PC's. To make a REAL difference to the environment, we realised we had to help the MILLIONS of PC's within homes. However, we understood that we had to do this without hurting the PC users pocket! So, we launched the coolest Green APP (PC/Mac) on the market...This PC APP looks at how your PC/Mac is used, then makes automated changes to reduce the energy wasted. It is 100% Safe, 100% Secure and in no way alters the way you use the PC. It collects no data of any kind either! We didn't stop there though. Every user of ePlusGreen chooses their favourite charity to support, and if they choose either the FREE sponsored version or the PAID version, up to 50% of the revenue is donated (on an on-going basis!) to their favourite charity. Acting all together to Make a Difference! No matter how hard you act, a single persons impact is never as big as the masses to reduce carbon footprint. That is why ePlusGreen partnered with Carbonfund.org and created a Eco-Socio responsible community, allowing to unite everyone on our planet and invite them to act together. Its about doing. Its about action. Its about creating a brighter, greener, healthier and more sustainable planet. Reduce Energy Consumption for FREE - Changing out light bulbs is a no-brainer, but there are some cool technologies out there that dont cost a thing. ePlusGreen offers such a free technology that can help reduce carbon emissions and minimize energy from computer usage by up to 30% and also provide Carbonfund.org up to 50% reoccurring donation funding.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

ePlusGreen has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


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