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Asmo ID


ASMO I.D was established more than 20 years ago, importing at that time mainly basic children patent shoes from the Far East. We are now known as one of the major kids footwear importers in Europe. Our kids and teens collection is one of the broadest Far East collections of Europe! We supply fast moving commercial styles often with private label. You can see our collection in our impressive showroom in the old chapel of Business Centre 't Klooster' or at several shoe... Read More

Eindstraat 18
Netherlands 5801CR
+3 (147) 851-0686

Beyond Skin


Beyond Skin was born in 2001 because it seemed impossible to be both stylish and cruelty free. There were simply no gorgeous, vegan shoes to be found anywhere! We set out on a mission to bring about style and quality to those that cared. We were keen to make our shoes as close to home as possible so set about our quest to find some of the last footwear factories in existence in the UK. It was not an easy road and it took us almost 2 years to find an English factory that could make beautiful,... Read More

First Floor Studio, 59 Lansdowne Place, Hove
East Sussex,
United Kingdom BN31FL
+440 (127) 377-8837

Bova Safety Footwear


BOVA cemented their reputation in Africa by delivering high-quality engineering through their range of safety footwear. 21 years after producing their first safety boot, BOVA extended their portfolio to include safety wear. When designing new products, we explore the varied dangers inherent in an industry and then engineer the product purposed with protecting employees within those environments. For procurement and those we protect, this means utilizing our... Read More

40 Gillitts Road
South Africa 3610
+2 (731) 710-0400

CC Resorts

Retailer, Service Provider

Around 20 years ago, Cloud Comfort Shoes started producing footwear products with the sole purpose of producing shoes that were good-looking and comfortable.  Since then our Australian company expanded and has started incorporating modern styles and fun-loving colours to create the modern CC Resorts Brand. With years of experience in design, our Aussie team has worked on a variety of products from flats to heels to even bowl shoes. What allows CC... Read More

Unit 1, 99 Silverwater Road
Australia 2128
+6 (128) 021-3071

Comforta Nieuwkoop BV


Comforta Nieuwkoop BV offers a wide range of shoes and shoe buckles. You as a shopkeeper find in Comforta a reliable partner, holding on to the win-win philosophy and therefore flexible to handle. By sharing knowledge and experience, we strive to maintain lasting relationships. Obviously our goal to provide you with our products return. Because it is woven into our motto "the right product, at the right time" to offer you. There is always stock, which can be... Read More

Nijverheidsweg 5
Netherlands 2421LR
+31 (017) 257-9202

De Jong Shoes BV


After 20 years of experience in the footwear industry, Mr. De Jong decided to start his own company. With the help of his wife, De Jong Shoes BV. was founded in September 1982. Initially Mr. de Jong operated from home. However, the business expanded rapidly and Mr. De Jong soon rented premises in Heiloo. In 1993, Mr. Sven Faust, son in law of Mr. De Jong, joined the company. Gradually, Mr. Faust has taken over the business and is the current General Manager. Today De Jong Shoes is... Read More

Fluorietweg 18A
Netherlands 1821RR
+31 (072) 512-1825

Deichmann SE


Deichmann is a family business since 1913 and will continue to remain independent. The more than one hundred year history began in Essen, in the heart of the Ruhr. Even today, there is the headquarters of the company group. The Deichmann SE is now with more than 3,700 stores in 24 countries and employs approximately 36,150 people worldwide. Deichmann is the market leader in the German and European shoe trade. We offer our large selection of shoes for all age groups, the most... Read More

Deichmannweg 9
Germany 45359
(800) 502-0500

Delight Shoes


Delight Shoes offers private label footwear manufacturing and shoe prototyping services. Other shoe manufacturing services include production shoes, shoe design, shoe replication, private label footwear, custom shoes

8220 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, California
USA 91605
+1 (818) 378-1111



In 1923 the master shoemaker Karl Meier plug Sen. Sen. opens its running under the same surname Workshop. The company owner had mainly specialized in the manufacture of welted mountain boots and employed up to 12 people during this time. The custom-made as well as the repair of footwear represented a perquisite. Karl Meier plug Sen. took over the operation founded by his father in 1949. In addition to the production of double-stitched mountain boots Karl Meier connectors... Read More

Sepp-Weidinger-Weg 32
Germany D84140
+4 (987) 229-4960

Ever Boots


Since 2012, EVER BOOTS has been providing fashionable, durable, and affordable work boots for men. With a wide range of men’s boots both in style and functionality, our designs can easily be worn casually while also being tough enough to work efficiently with. Our boots use a premium 2.0mm full-grain leather that has been tested in all types of weather and precipitation conditions to still deliver all-day comfort and a great fit. From our original and... Read More

1950 Compton Avenue
Ontario, California
USA 91761
(949) 294-7553