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Sustainable agriculture refers to growing vegetables, fruits, grains, or any crop in an environmentally mindful and caring way by considering soil health and biodiversity. That's why genetically modified seeds don't have a place in sustainable agricultural activities. However, sustainable seeds and feed play an essential and irreplaceable role in eco-friendly and sustainable farming activities and products. There is a wide variety of seeds, from heirlooms to hybrids which have their place in the sustainable seed and grain industry. On the other hand, the feed used in growing the crops and grains is equally as vital as the sustainable seed. Using sustainable fertilizers such as waste from animal feeds and manure improves soil health and the quality of your farm products. You don't have to own an animal farm to use manure; various businesses can help you access manure as a fertilizer for your crops. The same goes for your sustainable seed, sapling, and grain needs. On the list below, you can find many certified organic seeds, saplings, feed, and grain suppliers and pick the most suitable one for your needs.

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Adams Group

7301 John Galt Way
Arbuckle, California
USA 95912
(530) 668-2000


Certifications: Non-GMO

AG Alumni Seed

P.O. Box 158
Romney, Indiana
USA 47981
(765) 538-3145


Certifications: Non-GMO