Over the years, generations have made choices about the things they buy and use. And, in doing so, have made their mark on the world. Today we have that chance again. Today, we have an opportunity to change how the world consumes energy, one product at a time. Introducing WindMade™, the first global consumer label identifying products and companies made with wind energy. WindMade™ is dedicated to increasing corporate investments in wind power by informing consumers about companies' use of wind energy, and increasing demand for products that embrace this clean and renewable energy source. The WindMade™ label provides qualifying companies the ability to effectively communicate to consumers a commitment to wind energy that differentiates their brand, and signals a strong commitment to renewable energy. Because now more than ever, we believe that one of the most important ingredients in a product is the energy used to produce it, and, as the world struggles with the increasing impact of climate change, we need companies that are WindMade™.

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