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The Sustainable Agriculture Standard covers the environmental, social, labor and agronomic management of farms that cultivate crops included in the Sustainable Agriculture Network´s (SAN) Farm Certification Policy. In 2010, the SAN published a newly formatted version of the SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture, July 2010. This version represents formatting changes only, as it merges two documents - the April 2009 versions of the SAN Addendum and of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard. No changes have been made in the technical contents of the respective binding criteria of the SAN Addendum and the Sustainable Agriculture Standard.  The Addendum was originally designed to enable the implementation of best practices on oil palm, sugarcane and soy plantations. It strengthens the SAN's definition of ecosystem and landscape conservation, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and land use rights. Certification for farms and chain of custody operations that want to become Rainforest Alliance Certified™ is currently offered by accredited certification bodies. If you want to know more about auditing services or if you are a producer interested in certification, please contact the accredited certification body in your region.

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