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Demeter USA has been providing Biodynamic® certification services since 1985.  In 2002 the USDA implemented the National Organic Program to provide a uniform definition for the term “organic”. Because the Demeter Farm Standard utilizes the NOP requirements as a base minimum- upon which the additional Biodynamic requirements are built- Stellar Certification Services was formed so that Demeter certified producers could also legally label as organic.  Stellar is currently both NOP and ISO-65 accredited and was one of the first organic certifiers in the world to achieve both accreditations. Choosing both certifications through Demeter/Stellar saves time and money- as only one application fee, one inspection, and one royalty fee are required- offering our farmers un-paralleled value and expertise in the world of sustainable agriculture certification. And for those farmers not yet ready or interested in pursuing Biodynamic certification, Stellar is a boutique certifier that delivers individualized attention and deep agricultural expertise to our organic-only members.

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