SIP Certified

Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certified is a rigorous sustainable vineyard and wine certification with strict, non-negotiable requirements. We are committed to standards based on science and expert input, independent verification, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest. We pride ourselves on the program's rigor and integrity, which have earned SIP the reputation as being the gold standard for sustainable certification. It's why we can offer you great wines and you can trust that they are made in a way that protects the people and the planet. SIP Certification goes beyond the USDA Organic process because organic only addresses prohibiting synthetic pesticides and fertilizers without considering other resource concerns. While you'll find organic wines that are also SIP Certified, the SIP Certification process addresses additional farming methods, looking at sustainable practices on every level, from farm labor to agriculture - from energy conservation to water quality. It is an additional way for consumers to know they're buying sustainable wines that give back to the land and community on every level.

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