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Designers, agencies and institutions who care about the social and environmental sustainability of carpets and rugs now specify products certified to the NSF/ANSI 140 standard. SCS certification provides third-party assurance that you have implemented innovative, industry-leading practices throughout the product life cycle. SCS Global Services is a leading third-party certifier of environmental claims in the green building industry, including carpet and other flooring products. Manufacturers of commercial carpet for offices, schools, hospitals and hotels know that the SCS Certified mark signals your commitment to social and environmental excellence. Eligible Products; NSF/ANSI 140 is applicable to any carpet product. The standard does not apply to the packaging of sustainable carpets or to the adhesive or padding products used in the installation of carpet products. NSF/ANSI 140 Criteria; Qualification for the SCS Certified mark under the NSF/ ANSI 140 standard for carpet involves assessment of conformance with criteria under the following categories: Manufacturing processes, Reclamation and end-of-life management, Energy usage and energy efficiency, Use of bio-based, recycled, or environmentally preferable materials and Steps to minimize adverse public health, environment, and community impacts.

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