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OPAM’s first commitment was to serve its diverse membership - from the market gardener, to the wheat farmer, to the wild rice producer. As the industry grew, OPAM became increasingly active at local, provincial, and national levels in the development, teaching, and promotion of organic standards and techniques for growing, producing, and processing organic products. OPAM also supported the growth of the organic community on a national scale; OPAM members served in Director and President positions on the Canadian Organic Unity Project and Canadian Organic Advisory Board. OPAM has remained committed to the growth and strengthening of organic agriculture at the national level. Two decades after its conception, OPAM has retained its grass-roots heritage and remains dedicated to serving the individual needs of its members. While membership numbers have increased, and the area served has expanded to include Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, OPAM has not lost sight of the most valuable resource in organic agriculture – the individual committed to the organic ‘way of life’.

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