MCIP (Canadian Institute of Planners)

The recognized professional accreditation for planners in Canada is "MCIP", signifying that the holder of the designation is a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. An MCIP has a university degree, usually in planning or a related discipline has acquired a minimum of two years of responsible planning experience and has met rigorous examination standards required by the Canadian Institute of Planners. An MCIP adheres to a Code of Professional Practice developed by the Institute delineating the planner's responsibility to the public interest, clients and employers and the profession. Members of CIP also belong to affiliated provincial planning organizations that provide services to members locally and provincially. In some provinces, there are separate licensing requirements for planners. Members of the Institute are required to fulfill continuous professional learning requirement in order to maintain their membership. All CIP members benefit from fostering a "culture of excellence" through professional learning. As members add to their own skills and knowledge, they advance themselves and the planning profession. Continuous professional learning (CPL) leads members to the highest level of professionalism, both individually and collectively. This shows leadership and a commitment to advancing the profession by embracing the concept of lifelong learning.

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