Marine Aquarium Council

The Marine Aquarium Council brings together fisheries and organizations that collect, produce, and handle marine aquarium organisms around the world. Members are committed to working towards compliance with the Principles and Criteria that have been developed by the Marine Aquarium Council. Members’ efforts are measured against the following four Standards that follow these Principles and Criteria: The Ecosystem and Fishery Management (EFM) Standard addresses in-situ habitat, stock and species management and conservation by verifying that the fishery and its marine aquarium organisms are managed according to the principles of ecosystem health, biological diversity, and sustainable use. The Collection, Fishing and Holding (CFH) Standard addresses harvesting of fish, coral, live rock and other coral reef organisms, handling prior to export, holding, plus packaging and transport to ensure ecosystem health, biological diversity, sustainable use, and proper animal husbandry. The Handling, Husbandry and Transport (HHT) Standard addresses the handling of marine aquarium organisms during export, import, and wholesale operations to ensure optimal health and traceability through the chain of custody. The Mariculture and Aquaculture Management (MAM) Standard addresses the propagation, collection, and culturing of marine aquarium organisms to ensure ecosystem health, traceability, and proper mitigation of environmental and social impacts.

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