ISO 14065 - Greenhouse Gases

ISO 14065:2007 specifies principles and requirements for bodies that undertake validation or verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) assertions.
It is GHG program neutral. If a GHG program is applicable, the requirements of that GHG program are additional to the requirements of ISO 14065:2007. While ISO 14064 provides requirements for organizations or persons to quantify and verify GHG emissions, ISO 14065 specifies accreditation requirements for organizations that validate or verify resulting GHG emission assertions or claims. ISO 14065 provides requirements for bodies that undertake GHG validation or verification using ISO 14064 or other relevant standards or specifications. The objectives of the ISO 14064 and ISO 14065 standards are to: develop flexible, regime-neutral tools for use in voluntary or regulatory GHG schemes; promote and harmonize best practice; support the environmental integrity of GHG assertions; assist organizations to manage GHG-related opportunities and risks, and support the development of GHG programs and markets.

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