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Green-e® Marketplace for Businesses and Brands

Certification for companies and products using renewable electricity

At Green-e® we work with your organization to certify your renewable energy purchases and climate commitments and provide effective promotional tools you can use to market those purchases. Since 55% of Millennials are more likely to purchase products labeled with the Green-e® logo* and 78% of Americans want to buy from environmentally friendly companies, but don’t know how to identify them†, Green-e® is the certification mark that gives your business a clear edge.

Benefits of the Green?e® Ecolabel

  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Appeal to a growing market of retailers and consumers that value environmental impact
  • Strengthen customer and employee loyalty
  • Demonstrate clean electricity and climate leadership
  • Gain trusted and recognized third-party endorsement
  • Support the growth of renewable the electrcity market
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Program Services

Green-e® participants get access to a wide range of marketing and sales tools designed to increase the value of their sustainability messaging, including:

  • Green-e® logo/ecolabel licensing
  • Renewable energy marketing claims guidance
  • Communications and social media guides
  • Sales training
  • Carbon accounting consulting services



Natural Marketing Institute’s 2022 Custom Analysis: Ceres Awareness and Impact Research Green-e Logo

† PDI Technologies’ Business of Sustainability Index June 2022

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