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Local Food Plus (LFP) is Canada’s premier solutions provider for local sustainable procurement. Founded in 2005, we are an award winning charitable non-profit committed to growing local sustainable food systems. We certify farms and processors for environmentally and socially sustainable practices, make connections throughout the supply chain, help buyers of all different sizes find Certified Local Sustainable food, and educate and engage our community to help eaters understand the many pluses of local sustainable food systems. We offer a “Certified Local Sustainable” certification to farmers and processors who work to: Employ sustainable production systems that reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; avoid the use of hormones, antibiotics, and genetic engineering; and conserve soil and water, Provide safe and fair working conditions for on-farm labour, Provide healthy and humane care for livestock, Protect and enhance wildlife habitat and biodiversity on working farm landscapes and Reduce on-farm energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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