Central Coast Consulting

Service Provider in Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr Paul Mitchell-Banks founded Central Coast Consulting in 1989 in order to encourage sustainable development in business enterprise.

He believes that sustainability consists of three key elements reflected in the logo, namely:

The environment

Social development


He handles these, not in isolation from each other, but in a balanced manner with consideration for each.

Dr. Mitchell-Banks has a very strong educational background with four degrees in four separate disciplines from three universities providing him with a wide understanding of the fields in which he works. He regularly takes part in professional training and has taken professional development in Canada, Finland, France, and South Africa.

Dr Mitchell-Banks is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. The MCIP (Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners) is a professional designation, the planning equivalent of a CA in accounting or a PEng in engineering. Planning is one of the most challenging and exciting of all professions, in that there is a need to integrate many concepts and disciplines in order to effectively carry out projects. Planning for a more sustainable city or even a single real estate development should encompass a number of disciplines, including but not limited to: ecology, hydrology, geo-engineering, civil engineering, transport planning, sociology, architecture, structural engineering, landscape architecture, etc.

This varied background, coupled with diverse work experience, together provide a powerful combination of theory and experience to approach creatively and successfully the challenges his clients face.

He has worked with the Federal and Provincial Governments, Commercial and Corporate Banking, Resource Sector, Research Institutes, NGOs, First Nations and Communities. Dr. Mitchell-Banks also has extensive work experience in Western and Northern Canada, and overseas in Europe.

In particular, he is adept at helping with complex projects involving many different people with different agendas and different training, enabling all to make the best use of their differing education, skills and experience.

Dr. Mitchell-Banks regularly presents and publishes internationally and has attended over 60 international conferences around the world, presenting at the majority of them. He has contributed chapters to dozens of proceedings and books, and has given guest lectures in a number of major universities in BC, Ontario and has lectured in Norway and at Oxford University, England.

In addition Dr Mitchell-Banks organizes and administers meetings and conventions



2623 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6K1T2
(604) 761-2853

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