DL Safety Consulting, Ltd.

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Why pick DL Safety Consulting? We are simply the best! Don Lowe, President of DL Safety Consulting, has been involved with Workplace Safety for over 23 years. He has taught and lectured extensively on all aspects of workplace safety and is well versed in first aid as well as safety regulations to keep employees and employers safe If you are looking for professional, reliable and affordable flaggers and flagging services, look no further! We guarantee you will be satisfied! Since we also teach traffic control, we are able to see and pick first hand who has the right attitude, professionalism and skills to be managing traffic control on our busy roads. Our new employees go through a vigorous training program and mentorship to ensure they are ready for the job! First and foremost we listen and take our customers' different needs into consideration. We understand that no job/project is alike and through experience our TCP's are able to gauge exactly what needs to be done with minimal direction and supervision. We believe there is a strong connection between the health, safety and well being of people and their relationship to their work and working environment. When people feel they have the knowledge and the skills required to perform their jobs well they are able to focus on increasing productivity and maintaining positive working relationships. Having the proper training and knowledge to react to unexpected conditions and emergency situations gives the employee self confidence and security. All of our courses focus on developing the participants theoretical knowledge as well as practicing hands on real life scenarios to ensure they understand proper techniques and procedures. We ensure our participants receive top quality, professional training to equip them with the skills they need to prevent hazardous situations, act accordingly to emergencies and prepare for all life's unexpected incidences.


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