Palmetto Wildlife Extractors

Service Provider in Columbia, South Carolina

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is a wildlife removal company that serves Columbia, S.C. as well as the ENTIRE states of North Carolina and South Carolina. We specialize in the humane extraction and removal of animals that have invaded your home or property including the following:

Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums, Birds, Skunks, Beavers, Rats, Snakes, Coyotes, and Alligators

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors applies strategic trap placements to capture the problem animals, remove them from your property and relocate them back into the wild. We never use any hazardous or poisonous materials. We also make sure that the methods we use are safe for both humans and the animals.

Additional services offered include:

•Removal of feces through safe and effective biological treatment

•Complete rodent elimination with re-entry prevention guarantee

•Dead animal removal, deodorization and sterilization

•Repellant of nuisance animal

If you need wildlife extracted from your home, business or commercial property, give Palmetto Wildlife Extractors a call and we will send someone out right away to take care of you!



1010 Ferguson Street
Columbia, South Carolina
USA 29201
(855) 465-1088

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