IntelliView Technologies Inc.

Service Provider in Calgary, Alberta

IntelliView Technologies Inc. (IVT) is a leading developer and supplier of intelligent video analytics based systems for various industrial surveillance and real-time detection applications. The companyƕs mission is to protect assets, life, and the environment by providing decision makers with instant notification and video access to safety, security and mission critical threats in order to enable timely and appropriate action. IntelliView, a Canadian company, was founded in 2003, in Calgary, Alberta. From its genesis as a research project at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette in 1998, IntelliView quickly evolved to become a front runner in the video analytic space for leak detection, industrial asset monitoring, and environmental protection. Our real-time detection systems utilize patented software technology and the latest hardware, including advanced thermal imaging sensors, high-spec IP cameras and video recorders. These solutions can be successfully commercialized in many industries: oil and gas, construction, healthcare, airport security, public venues, manufacturing, military, traffic systems, law enforcement, security and transportation. While increasing the efficiency of human and machine assets, we help enhance security and safety, as well as prevent or minimize financial losses (clean up costs, restorative expenses, regulatory fines, compensations, costly site visits) and negative environmental impacts.



205, 327 - 41st Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2E2N4
(403) 338-0001

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