Compa–ia Industrial Aceitera Coto Cincuenta Y Cuatro S.A

Processor in Puntares

Compa–’a Industrial Aceitera Coto Cincuenta y Cuatro S.A is a palm oil extraction mill and crude oil trader company, strongly involved in the economic, Social, and environmental development of the Costa Rican pacific coast. The company process in two mills over 550,000 MT FFB of over 600 oil palm plantations, producing palm oil and other by products that are primarily exported to the Central America y Mexico. Vision: Extract palm oil and by products achieving the highest quality standards, at the lowest cost, and with a high degree of sustainability with the environment. Mission: Contribute to guarantee the food supply chain with products to meet basic human and livestock nutritional needs, and raw materials used for the substitution of non renewable petroleum based products. Values: Integrity, respect, discipline, ownership, honesty, opportunity, creativity, responsibility. Strategy: Our associates are the main organizations strength to achieve the vision and mission, as such it should be given the opportunity for career development and the professional well being that it deserves. Be respectful, proactive, and with initiative maintaining the environmental well being of nearby communities as well as the areas of influenced by the organization operations. Search for excellence through team wok and continuous improvement to ensure business performance and product quality to satisfy our customers.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Compa–ia Industrial Aceitera Coto Cincuenta Y Cuatro S.A has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

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Finca Coto 54, Guaycara de Golfito
Costa Rica
+5 (062) 284-1320

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