Addax Bioenergy Management SA

Manufacturer/Supplier in Geneva

Addax Bioenergy is a sugarcane-based renewable energy company that has launched a sustainable bioenergy project in Sierra Leone. A subsidiary of AOG, we initiated the project in Makeni in 2008 and it started its operations in 2014. We will produce sustainable bio-ethanol from sugarcane for export and for domestic use, as well as ÔgreenÕ electricity from a biomass-fuelled plant that will power the ethanol refinery and supply approximately 20 per cent of the needs of the Sierra Leone national grid. Sugarcane is widely recognised as the most efficient and sustainable crop for biofuel production; and, with its suitable land, tropical climate and development ambitions, Sierra Leone offers favourable conditions for the initiative. Addax Bioenergy has broken new ground by integrating strict social and environmental criteria from the start and through its partnership with eight international development finance institutions. The respect of stringent sustainability standards, the introduction of innovative social solutions and transparent business conduct reflect our ambition to become a model for sustainable bioenergy and agriculture investment in Africa. Examples of our approach to date include our extensive and transparent stakeholder dialogue, helping landowners establish their first deeds of land ownership, enhancing local food security and agricultural productivity, as well as extensive infrastructure development.



rue Michel-Servet 12
Switzerland 1206

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