Importer/Exporter in Hamburg

HŸpeden is today a specialised trading company concentrating on canned food and textiles. The two brothers Julius and Hans HŸpeden had founded the company in 1918 as a "Far-East-Trading-Firm". Since the restart after World War II we became specialists in canned food and textile-fabrics. We are today able to advise factories technically and can control their production. In the canned food business we are even supervising the selection and planting of seeds and deliver appropriate packing material. Due to our long experience in the supplying countries and our close relationship with suppliers Ð sometimes for decades Ð we are able to make full quality-controls for all items we are trading in. By own staff on site or travelling inspectors we can achieve a high quality standard and punctual deliveries. We regard ourselves as a provider and server for the industry and trade in the broadest sense, including discount markets, gastronomy, industry and wholesale to all markets in Europe, South America and Middle East. We do not only concentrate on a certain basis of products for wich we built up very capable supplies, but we also develop novelties in close co-operation with our customers and supplies according to the market-requirements in the food as well as the textile field. Of course we always remain open for inquiries for special asian articles in the food and textile field.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

HŸpeden has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


Gro§er Burstah 31
Germany D20457
(494) 030-1070

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