ApoCell, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Houston, Texas

At ApoCell, we are dedicated to personalized medicine and distinguished by our personalized service. Recognized as a leader in biomarker research, ApoCell focuses its efforts on the identification and analysis of biomarkers in rare circulating cells. We use both standard and proprietary platforms to isolate and enrich cell populations of interest, especially circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating endothelial cells (CECs), as well as additional rare cell types including stem cells. Our unique biomarker technologies facilitate a deeper understanding of the pharmacodynamics of a drug candidate, enabling go/no go decisions to be made earlier than ever before. Our molecular profiling can facilitate patient stratification, enhancing clinical trial success. But we are more than a provider of qualitative and quantitative rare cell data. We are always driven by the desire for more information, more insight, and more breadth and depth of analysis. We are a partner who will consult with you and work with you to design customized assays, modify protocols and push platforms to advance your research and accelerate your results. Our scientists and technologies have been called upon by leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic institutions including MD Anderson Cancer Center and the National Cancer Institute.


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190-2575 W Bellfort Avenue
Houston, Texas
USA 77054
(713) 440-6070

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