Adjuvance Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in New York, New York

Adjuvance Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company dedicated to empowering global health through fundamental breakthroughs in vaccine adjuvant design and manufacturing. Adjuvance’s founders, including Jeffrey Gardner, David Gin, Philip Livingston and Govindaswami Ragupathi comprise a highly motivated group of experienced individuals eager to commercialize our core technologies in close collaboration with key partnering organizations, such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Our team’s credentials span Medicine, Science and Business. Our world-class experience represents in-depth expertise in chemistry, immunology, adjuvant immunopotentiation and therapeutic vaccinology. Most importantly, our team represents world-leading experience in therapeutic vaccines and vaccine adjuvants, and is experienced in the commercialization of immunotherapeutics. We believe that our world-class team provides you with more than just a business plan, but a group of impassioned founders and seasoned professionals that are capable of seeing through our mission.


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4406 Tennyson Road
New York, New York
USA 01001
(347) 559-4258

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